Peace Cabina Futon (shared cabin)

Peace Cabina Futon (shared cabin)

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This is for the futon in the Peace Cabina
  • Stargazen website description of Peace Cabina: "Snug in at Stargazen... a feature cabin with nourishing touches for respite in every corner!  Outdoor deck, fire circle... excellent for singles or small groups. Four seasons accessibility."
  • Stargazen's Airbnb description: "The Peace Cabina is a one-room dwelling, nestled in the woods. It has a comfy queen bed; a futon couch with a Cloud mattress; a kitchenette with a hot plate, refrigerator, microwave, dishes and table/chairs; heat and a/c. It does not have running water. A dispensor and thermos jugs are used to store well water for Your use. There is a very clean porta-potty on the deck behind the cabin."


Peace Cabina
Inside Peace: Kitchenette/Queen Bed

Inside Peace: Living Room/Futon Couch-Bed